MaestroConference Quick Start Guide

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Table of Contents

Event Set Up

Log In

Go to click My Account and login. (Call or email support if you need further assistance.)

Create Conference

  1. Click Conference at the top of the page.
  2. Click Create Conference and fill in the Conference Name.
  3. Contact Email: this is the email that participants will see when they register for the event.


  1. Scheduled Event: One time event where you set the Start Date, Start Time, and Duration (all times are in PST.) Enter the Estimated number of callers.
  2. Reservationless can happen anytime, so it's good to use for impromptu, ad-hoc conferences. A reservationless conference will always use the same PINs and is limited to 25 people.

Conference Settings

Once you have completed the above steps, click Create Conference at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to the View and Edit page for your conference. From here you will be able to customize your conference even more.

Add Participants

In order to invite participants to your meeting you will need to select one of the following options:

Caller Registration Link

Note: As the host, you can return to the Callers & PINs section at any time, click Download Registrants and export a spreadsheet with participant information.

Participant Web Experience

Here you will specify the type of event you would like to host. We recommend using Social Webinar for all your events!

The system defaults to Audio Only. If you would like to use Social Webinar or Screenshare, please make your selection before you share the registration link with your participants. After you make your selection, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Participant Web Experience

Other options for further enhancing your conference

Conference Visibility

If you opt to make your event “public” MaestroConference will display a list of public available events on our website, which will help you get the word out about your work!

Registration Settings

This is another place to see the registration URL. You can also customize the message for all confirmation and reminder emails. This is also where you can find any registration comments.

Create Custom Fields

Custom fields are used to allow advanced sorting of participants when they are in the event. You can sort your participants in the event into breakout rooms. These are limited to simple values, which must be pre-determined by the host.

Outbound Calling

When Outbound Calling is activated, the person trying to get in will receive a call which will let them join the conference. This feature is available to Presenters, Assistants and Participants. Outbound Calling is currently available to reach callers with US numbers only.

Survey Settings & Results

This is where you can enable/disable the Participant Survey and where survey results are displayed once submitted.

Advanced Settings

This section is where you will find the actual URL of the Conductor Interface for sharing with other presenters. (The Large Call Conductor Interface is only used by our Event Technicians, who will use this special tool to run large calls.)

Call History

Here you find historical data about the event. Call recordings, list of participants who attended, or did not attend, list of registrants, Caller ID information of all callers, duration of the call and more.


The Screenshare section is where you will find all the URLs and links to start the Screenshare tool. Only one person can use the link “Launch the Presenter” at a time. Other conductors who will be conducting a Screenshare session must use the co-presenter URL listed here. The Viewer URL is for participants’ use and is sent out with all confirmation and reminder emails.

Social Webinar

The area where basic permissions and settings for Social Webinar are located.

Premium Recording

If you look through this section, you will find the complete instructions on the premium recording feature. This is also where you manage the Premium Recordings setting.

Event Time

Dialing In — For hosts and participants

Whether you are a Host, Assistant, or Participant, there are several ways to access an event. Help for these is available at the Getting In page and is referenced in both the email and confirmation page.

Hosting an Event

Mic Settings

After you have checked and/or modified initial mic settings, click Enter Call.

Note: If you need to access the default mic setting page during the conference, click Settings.

Participation: Hands

Using Social Webinar

It runs itself and gives you many options!

  1. When you are ready to launch the event, dial in as you normally would and launch the conductor interface.
  2. To launch the Social Webinar, Participants simply click the link in the confirmation/reminder email. Hosts need to go to (or use the conductor interface method outlined in step 5.)
  3. Hosts need to enter their email address and PIN for the call. Alternatively, hosts can simply click their name in the conductor interface, and go to the info tab in the details box on the right, then click Login this caller.
  4. Follow prompts to create a profile (participants will do the same). Upload a photo, contact information, and optionally link to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.
  5. To link the Social Webinar to the Conductor Interface you will need to:
Social Webinar Control Panel

Poll View

This allows participants to see the results of polls taken during the call. Simply ask a question, allow time for participants to respond using 1-5 on the telephone keypad, and share the data using Poll View.


Allows hosts to share their screen with participants or have an assistant take over and share their screen. Please view the detailed directions on how to utilize Screenshare.

Breakout Rooms

Allows hosts to divide call participants into groups of two or more, based on almost any criteria. See the step by step instructions on how to create Breakout Rooms.

Note: Be sure to sign up for our Customer Success Clinics.


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