Join the Event in 3 Easy Steps:

Find the Email

When you registered to the event, we sent you an email with the subject "Registration Confirmation" with a phone number and a PIN.


Call the phone number using your phone or your computer and enter the PIN. See below for details on calling using your computer.

Open the Link

Optional: open the link to the visual interface if the email includes it.

How to call using your computer

In addition to using your phone line, you can also call from a Windows or Mac computer using any of the three options below (in order of preference):

WebPhone (recommended)

The WebPhone is our free internet-based phone that runs inside your Chrome or Firefox browser (no download required) and lets you connect to MaestroConference events from anywhere in the world.

  1. Open the WebPhone
  2. Enter your PIN and click the "Call" button
  3. Your browser may request access to your microphone, click "Allow" in Chrome, or "Share Selected Devices" in Firefox
  4. Use the on-screen controls to mute/unmute yourself and adjust the volume levels if needed

Tip: Use a headset for the best audio quality experience.


Add our Maestro4294 or MCdirect1 identities to your Skype, and simply call them. Read the full instructions.

Note: Calling with Skype works only on PC and Mac desktop computers, not on mobile devices (iOS or Android).

Google Hangouts

  1. Download Google Hangouts Dialer for Android, Google Hangouts for iOS, or if you're on a computer, go to
  2. Dial the number +191 6469 4757
  3. Dial your PIN (found in your Registration Confirmation email)

For detailed instructions read the Full Google Hangouts Guide

Note 1: Google Hangouts calls are free from the US and Canada, charges may apply for international calls.
Note 2: Some countries are not supported.
Note 3: A Gmail address or Google account is required.

Having trouble connecting? Try the solutions below

I hear an invalid PIN prompt

Unfortunately sometimes the telephone companies are not transmitting the PIN correctly to us. One option is to register your phone number using this registration form. When you dial in, your phone number will be recognized as being associated with a certain PIN and you will be connected automatically to your conference. Alternatively, you may try dialing other phone numbers (which does work sometimes) or connecting from your computer.

The phone line I call is busy

Here are a few other numbers you can call. Alternatively, you can try to connect from your computer.

(408) 520 2444
(408) 740 6030
(510) 281 1111
(530) 216 4294

The call is getting dropped

Try dialing in again—ideally from a different phone. Alternatively, you can try connecting from your computer.

I’m hearing static or choppiness

Try dialing in again from a different phone. If you continue to have issues, let us know. In this case, if you can tell the exact time it will help us find the issue within the recording.

I’m still having problems dialing in

If you are still having issues please fill out this report so that we can address your issues and respond.


Thank You!

We've sent you an email with your call-in details.