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Social Conferencing

Social Conferencing sets the stage for a new era in communication, where the traditional, passive teleconference is transformed into an active, engaging experience where inspiring conversations happen. You control the format: 1 to 1, many to many or 1 to many. Maestro Conference is changing how the world interacts, forever.

How do you transform a run of the mill webinar into an awesome event? It starts with choosing the right platform. Download our free white paper below:

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Connect With Depth

You're a leader in your global community and know your audience well, they're tired of conference calls where someone talks, and they listen. They yearn for a connection that feels like it's just the two of you on the phone. Social Conferencing lets you create multi-layered intimacy —connecting many people at once— yet it feels like a personal, one-to-one conversation. Each participant can speak live, in small groups, and really feel "I am making a difference!" They're vested in your vision.

Engagement is Vital

The old paradigm of one-way communication is not captivating — your audience can't truly interact. They're ready for emotional engagement. Awaken your audience to your cause, while bringing each individual voice alive. Give your participants a chance to be heard and an opportunity to share their truth. Captivate their attention through deeper engagement, creating better results for your business and greater awakening for your tribe.

Motivation is Transformation

Your goal is to motivate and inspire your audience, and it can be an uphill battle when you don’t have the right tools to help you achieve that objective. Social Conferencing makes it easy. With Breakout Groups, you can create accountability partners that energize each other into action. With motivated teams, you can initiate your plans, actualize your goals and translate purposeful dialogue into concrete results.

Financial Success is Paramount

Your mission is measurable. Truly engaging conversations can dramatically increase key metrics such as participation, satisfaction, and sales or donations. Authors and trainers frequently report they can charge much more for their courses when they switch to MaestroConference, because of the interactivity and depth. Non-profits see more donations, and brands see measurable impact on awareness. Customers of all stripes recruit more people into their cause. We invite you to measure the difference when you move from traditional talking-head presentations to real conversations.


About MaestroConference

Our mission is to light up the world with the power of meaningful, large-scale conversations. We believe intentional conversations that connect live voices can build relationships, develop minds, open hearts, and change the world. With our unique technology, personalized service, and in-depth training, we help you create better results for your clients and your business.

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