MaestroConference Video Launch Special

I’m proud to announce we’re offering a limited number of highly discounted subscriptions to launch MaestroConference Video - with a 45 day free trial, and throwing in a bunch of bonuses.

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There’s no product like MaestroConference Video

For virtual meeting hosts who want to give their participants the chance to share their voice, connect with others, accelerate learning, or collaborate - by leveraging breakouts and interactivity. If you missed it there is a (long!) list of features that MaestroConference Video has, that Zoom does not. Check out our MaestroConference Vs. Zoom Comparison.

Video Breakouts

Guided Breakouts

Our current feature set is just the beginning

As an agile company with a narrow focus, we build for interactivity with breakouts and integrated activities during virtual meetings. And we keep moving forward - we have released new features based on customer feedback every single month for many years now. And believe me - to guide the work for our engineers we’ll be listening to our early subscribers most of all.

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To take away any risk, we’re offering an extra 45 day free trial

We understand that no matter how powerful it is, any new technology has to work for your situation, and work reliably. We’re proud to have become the reliable technology product and services partner to global organizations, and our platform regularly host some of the foremost political leaders, brands, and associations globally. And no matter the size of your organization, we know that your participants are vitally important to your success. So try the new platform with your team and participants, see what they think and how they enjoy the new video breakouts.

Some of Our Customers

Audio Conferences

Clear, reliable connection, even when your participants have low bandwidth

Our platform gives special priority to your participants’ audio channel. So unlike other platforms where video glitches and poor video connections interfere with and disrupt the essential conversation, MaestroConference enables your participants to stay connected to your events through the rock-solid MaestroConference audio platform as part of all video meetings. This means if you or one of your speakers has a poor connection or slow computer, your ability to actually talk, listen and lead could continue uninterrupted.

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Not a commodity product like Zoom

MaestroConference Video is not intended to be a “commodity” product like Zoom, but a highly powerful and feature-rich solution for those people who engage their networks with trainings, facilitated interactive sessions, virtual conferences, meet-ups and other engaging virtual event formats. And MaestroConference Video’s highly flexible, robust breakout capabilities are unsurpassed - we even have someone putting together a dating application powered by a highly specific algorithm integrated with our flexible logic rules for creating breakouts. No other company has specialized for 8+ years in breakout conferencing like MaestroConference has (ours was one of the first platforms to introduce the virtual breakout concept), so of course our feature set for breakouts is far ahead of any other solution on the market.

Breakout Creation Options

We're price competitive

Given the depth, flexibility, versatility of our video breakout capability for uniquely engaging and interactive virtual events, we could surely choose to charge “enterprise pricing” for such a product - we’ve opted not to. In fact, given the many add-on options that Zoom and other platforms charge extra for, we’re actually price competitive (we can share if you’d like more info).

And on top of that, for the MaestroConference Video Launch-Only Special, we’re including a whole suite of extra features at no additional charge that we do not plan to include with regular subscriptions after the launch.

Why are we limiting the number of discounted subscriptions at launch?

Honestly, this is how we launched the original MaestroConference platform 10+ years ago, and it worked really well. Limiting the number of first customers gave us an enthusiastic group of early users to dive in and give us feature requests that we could actually respond to (rather than be overwhelmed with more requests than we could deliver on), which helped us to build based on real customer needs rather than build what we think our customers want/need.

And we have kept people at their launch pricing even after our public plan pricing increased - and indeed we have included new products when we launched them at no added cost. And these early customers not only jumped into the platform and started hosting events quickly, which gave us a solid base of dependable revenue, but many of them have stayed with us - for upwards of 10 years now. So that’s a privilege, to have earned their long-term trust. And we’re doing that again with this, our biggest product launch ever, the highly anticipated release of the all-new MaestroConference Video.

Will you join us?

Want to try it for yourself with 45-day free trial + lock in the launch-only pricing? We’d love to have you join the early launch group, limited to the first 400 subscribers.

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As bonuses, we're including:

  • Guided Breakouts - an absolute game changer if you want your breakout groups to be engaging and productive (and absolutely no other platform offers this- guaranteed)
  • Unlimited audio events as well as the included video conferencing
  • No-Host, Autonomous Guided Breakouts - invite groups to get your guidance/structure without you attending ( allow participants to schedule themselves, and/or have community-specific conversations)
  • Call and email support, including 1-1 training sessions when needed
  • A 45-day free trial (and cancel at any time after that)

We hope you’ll join us as a founding subscriber.


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