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$ 39 /mo Buy Now Billed annually

DIY 75

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$ 77 /mo Buy Now Billed annually

DIY 150

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$ 118 /mo Buy Now Billed annually


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All plans include:

  • Unlimited Events
    Host as many events as you'd like. Scheduling a virtual meeting between your NY & SF offices? Hosting a weekly conference call for your sales team? Go ahead and set all these events up and more!
  • Social Webinar
    Social Webinar empowers your callers to truly engage with each other by seeing the names and photos of others in their breakout group as they "sit" around the virtual table, creating a higher level of interest and deeper interactions.
  • Breakout Groups
    Breakout Groups truly set MaestroConference apart from your average webinar service. With this powerful tool, you can divide your call participants into groups of two or more. You'll be astounded at the level of engagement and interaction you can create.
  • Straw Polls
    Straw polls enable you to ask questions, and participants use their telephone keypad to respond. Immediately, the results are available to view, creating excitement and a deeper impact for your community.
  • Skype Access
    Make it easier for your global participants to join in. Callers from all over the world can use local dial-in numbers in up to 50 countries outside the U.S. to access your event, or can use Google Hangouts or Skype to Skype, free of charge.
  • Screensharing
    With our Screensharing feature, bring your vision to life by sharing PowerPoints, videos and other documents on-screen with your audience. It's like being in the same room together!
  • Webcams
    Display your computer webcam while you're sharing your screen to allow your participants to see and connect with you while you're presenting. A live video feed enables a deeper connection for you and your audience.
  • Call Recordings
    We provide free, downloadable MP3 recordings of your teleconferencing event, and host your recording free of charge for up to 120 days. You'll save time and money while letting your audience feel the magic of your event, forever.
  • International Calls
    Expand your reach with free, worldwide access for your callers. With the WebPhone, your participants use our browser-based phone to call into your event, free - no mobile or landline phone is needed.
  • WebPhone
    You want an easy, affordable way to grow your global community. With the WebPhone, your participants use our browser-based phone to call into your event, free - no mobile or landline phone is needed.
  • Live Training
    Our knowledgeable customer success experts will get you up to speed with using the platform, answer your questions, and help you create more effective events. We provide FREE training for all customers.
  • OneTouch Opt-Ins
    With the press of a number on their phone keypad, your participants can instantly commit donations, make purchases, volunteer, register for your next workshop, or sign up for special offers. Their name, phone number, and email address are captured and sent to you, creating a powerful marketing database with no extra work.
  • Virtual Hand Raise
    Bring the organization of a classroom to your fingertips. With a single click, participants can raise their hands in response to your questions, enabling you to call on each one individually.
  • Private Breakouts
    Use Private breakouts to address challenges or questions that are not relevant to the entire group, but important to be addressed immedi­ately. Take private information, credit card information or discuss sensitive topics aside from the main group, without having to extend the call.
  • Data Capture
    Know who registers for your event, who attends, how long they stay on the call, and the results of polls you take during the call with our Data Capture feature.
  • Platform API Access
    Using MaestroConference's APIs, customers can create, query, and modify conferences; create breakout groups, detect hands or put them up/down, adjust microphones; access participants who may have Opted In to an offer of yours via our platform; etc.
  • Facebook Integration
    Our Facebook integration allows your registrants to comment about your upcoming event on their Facebook wall, and share a link to your registration page. See how fast your event can go viral!
  • Staff Chat
    Streamline your call and add profes­sionalism to your event. Staff Chat gives your presenters and assistants access to a private chat room during the call, helping you respond quickly to any circumstance that arises. You also receive a transcript of the chat along with a call report after the event.
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Our team of skilled event technicians are an affordable option to help you with running the technology platform and with managing the tactical logistics during the event, such as putting people in breakout groups for discussions, conducting audience polls, etc. so you can focus on giving your best presentation.

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More Info about Plans & Pricing

Can I change plans for an existing account?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Just give us a call at 877-414-1515 or email us.

How does the billing work?

We bill your credit card depending on the plan you selected. There will be a small validation charge of 0-2 cents to verify that your credit card is valid, which will be refunded within a week. Your credit card will automatically be charged monthly for your subscription around the day of the month when the subscription starts. Also, we offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all plans. If you’re not happy with your subscription, contact support and we’ll process a refund.

What if I want to skip the free trial and go straight to a larger paid account?

No problem! If you're ready to skip the free trial and/or move on to a larger plan, you can click "Buy Now" on any of our plans above and you can start hosting larger events immediately. Need help deciding which plan to purchase? Contact us or register for a demo.

Should I have a single or multi-user license?

Our subscriptions are single-user licenses that entitle you to conduct unlimited calls as the presenter, and also allow assistants to set up calls or help you conduct calls, or to have as many co-presenters as you like. Assistants or other users may not host their own calls separately, except for testing purposes. If you have multiple people who each conduct or host their own calls, you must purchase a license for each user. Details for our multi-user license options are here.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) and PayPal. For annual plans, we also accept payments by check. Note that there is a $100 check handling fee.

Do you offer any discount on annual subscriptions?

You can save 20% off the price of our monthly subscriptions by paying once a year. Be sure to see our Refund Policy before signing up for an annual subscription. Discount not available on the 150 lines plan.

What's your Money Back Guarantee/refund policy?

We offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all plans, If you’re not happy with your subscription, contact support and we’ll process a refund. Please make sure to evaluate the product as much as needed within the first 30 days.

I want to use my own branding on events. Do you offer a White Label version?

Yes, we do! If you're looking for a way to really customize and improve your events, our most experienced customers love the Custom Branding Add-on. By upgrading to a white label version of MaestroConference, your customers experience a better, more seamless event experience that makes your brand truly stand out and reinforces your unique value proposition. Read more about Custom Branding, or contact support for more info.

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If you have any questions about pricing and sign up, please call us at 877-414-1515 or email us. We’re happy to help.


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