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(*) To book an Event Technician you will be required to prepay for one hour ($75) of driving services. Please note that Event Technicians are billed in one hour increments. Should you require an Event Technician for more than one hour, you will be billed for the additional time upon completion of your event. If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice, the Event Technician services fee becomes non-refundable.

Rush Fees:
In addition to the hourly rate for Event Technicians:
A $75 fee will be incurred should you request an Event Technician with less than (3) business days notice
A $150 fee will be incurred should you request an Event Technician with less than (1) business day notice

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Event Facilitator

Need help turning the content for your event into a dazzling, interactive, social-conferencing experience that utilizes the full power of MaestroConference to get your participants engaged in greater action or deeper learning?

Looking for help to design and facilitate your events? MaestroConference has highly experienced and trained facilitator/consultants who know how to get the greatest use out of the MaestroConference platform (including Social Webinar) to create the most engaging and successful events.

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Please note: We cannot guarantee requests for Event Technicians or Facilitators made less than two business days prior to your event.


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