Product Overview

Dynamic, interactive calls — you're the Maestro!

MaestroConference is a dynamic conference call service offering all the convenience of your current service, plus an array of unique features that enable you to facilitate your call just like a live workshop. Participants (up to 375) dial in from regular phone lines. You conduct the call from a computer using our simple web interface. You direct the action, create learning opportunities and inspire commitment — to turn your solos into symphonies.

Patent-pending MaestroConference technology was developed specifically for:

Key Facilitation Features

Breakout Groups

Large conference calls can get downright sleepy. Placing participants in Breakout Groups of two or more, allows for a dramatic increase in energy & excitement.

The Effect? More engagement and participant satisfaction.

"Raised Hands"

Participants can raise their hands with their telephone key pad and — just like a workshop room — you direct the action.

The Result? Active engagement in a "conversation" for a better experience.

"Walk the Room"

The Impact? Highly engaged calls for more learning, more buzz, more sales.

Green Room

The Benefit? A stress free beginning for you, smoother conference for your participants.

Key Features for Sales Calls

Take Orders Right on the Call

If you are using large conference calls in your sales process, this feature alone could multiply your sales.

The Benefit? Increase sales conversion — give your gifts to more customers.

Reminders and Follow-up

The Benefit? Higher call attendance and easy follow-up — maximize your call's potential.

Other Features:

Call Recordings Included

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

No Software to Download

Easy Self Registration for your Participants


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