API Overview

API access is included in our premium subscriptions. You are free to develop or test with any subscription, but production usage is not supported for other subscriptions. Check out our pricing page (http://maestroconference.com/purchase) or contact support to upgrade your account.

MaestroConference has three sets of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which allow for computer to computer communication. Some programming knowledge is require to implement and the API is not needed to make the most of MaestroConference.

The most commonly used is "Conference Management" which allows customers to create, query, and modify conferences (with pins, scheduled conference times, etc.).

The second is the "Conductor API" which access an event in progress: for example you can create breakout groups, detect hands or put them up and down, adjust microphones etc.

The "Leads" API is for accessing people who may have Opted In to an offer of yours via our platform - currently though our OneTouch OptIn (tm) feature and soon via other methods.

The follow documents provide all the information needed. Just log-in and click on the links below to download the documentation.



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