Affiliate Program FAQ

What is the MaestroConference Affiliate Program?

The MaestroConference Affiliate Program pays generous commissions for referring new customers to MaestroConference. Affiliates earn commissions when customers they refer to us purchase MaestroConference services or products.

How do I get credit for my referrals?

You do this by inserting trackable links in emails to your contact lists, banner ads on your website, your blog posts, etc. Every time a customer comes to us through your trackable links and purchases MaestroConference, you earn a commission.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is quick and easy. Simply fill out this secure form. After we receive your application, we will email you login information so you can access the Affiliate Resource Center which contains everything you need to get started as an Affiliate.

Does it cost me anything to become a MaestroConference Affiliate?

No. It is completely free to be a MaestroConference Affiliate.

Can I be an Affiliate if I don’t live in the United States?

Absolutely. We already have Affiliates based throughout the world. However, the software is currently available only in English.

Do I have to provide my SSN when I sign up?

No, you do not have to provide your SSN (you can enter zeros). But if you are a U.S. citizen, and you have earned commissions exceeding $600, we can't pay you unless we have your SSN or EIN on file. By law, we have to issue a 1099 to anybody who earns more than $600 in commissions in a single year.

What are my responsibilities as a MaestroConference Affiliate?

We supply you with online access to trackable links, banner ads, emails, and more. You simply use these resources in your interactions with potential customers. Whether you refer one customer or hundreds, we close the sale, handle orders, provide customer service and manage all billing.

Who should I market MaestroConference to?

Any business, organization or entrepreneur who uses teleconferences or workshops as part of their sales process or their core service offering.

How do I create trackable links?

Creating links is easy. All you have to do is log into the Affiliate Resource Center (your username and password will be emailed to you when we receive your application) to get trackable links, unique to you. The Affiliate Resource Center also has the HTML for banner ads for you to cut and paste into your web site.

How do the links work?

MaestroConference's trackable links identify the referring Affliate by using time-limited "cookies."

How long do the cookies in the links last?

Cookies will expire after 90 days. In other words, if someone clicks on your affiliate link, you will be given credit for the sale as long as it occurs within 90 days of the click.

How do I know if someone clicked on my Affiliate link and purchased MaestroConference?

All clicks and orders are tracked in the Affiliate Resource Center. You can access any of this information online at any time.

What happens when more than one Affiliate refers the same individual or company?

MaestroConference pays the last referring affiliate. If a new customer clicks on affiliate A’s link to look at the product, and then clicks on affiliate B's link to make a purchase, any commissions will be paid to affiliate B.

How much is the commission?

  • Earn $20 per monthly payment of new subscriptions (or 20% for any accounts that are less than $97/m
  • Earn $200 for each annual plan payment for new subscriptions

If a person signs up through my affiliate link, and then later decides to become an affiliate, will I get credit for that person's sales?

Yes. If a person becomes a MaestroConference customer through your affiliate link, then decides to become an affiliate later, they will automatically be attached to you, no matter if the person clicks another affiliate link or not. Once a person is linked to you in our system, it is permanent. You will receive a 10% recurring commission on sales made by affiliates you refer to us.

How do I know how much commission I've earned?

You will be able to log into the Affiliate Resource Center to view click-through, orders, commissions earned and a ledger of payments made to you.

How often do I get paid?

We send commission checks on a monthly basis. Commissions will be paid out in the month following the month they were earned. Commission is paid as a percent of actual customer payments (not subscription commitments). Commissions may be paid in monthly installments, if the referred customer pays in installments. Commissions must reach a $100 minimum before payment will be made to the Affiliate.

Do I earn commissions on my own purchases?

No. If another Affiliate referred you, they will make commissions on your purchases. You will not make commissions on your own purchases.

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