Screenshare is here!

Social Conferencing + Screensharing = Powerful Impact

We want to support you in changing the world while making your business flourish. So, we’ve added some powerful new features to MaestroConference - including screensharing - that will make your social conferencing event more engaging, and help you grow your community and your business.

Choose one of our new Standard or Premium subscriptions, and you’ll receive all the benefits of our Basic subscription (unlimited calls, breakout groups, MP3 recordings, etc.) plus these new features:


Bring the power of a live presentation to your virtual community. Now, you can immediately share PowerPoint presentations, PDF's, spreadsheets and other material with your audience. Your message will be clear and professional while keeping your participants engaged and wanting more.


Let your participants see you in real-time, and connect with you in a more profound way than ever before. A deep connection with your audience now translates into a strong relationship over time, and is the cornerstone to building a vested community.

International Dial-In

Callers from 10 countries outside the U.S. can use dial-in numbers in their country to access your event, free of charge. You’ll benefit from greater accessibility for your international callers, no worries about long distance charges, improved customer impact, and increased sales. Some capacity limitations apply.

Skype Access

Skype Connect capability allows your callers to connect using a Skype user name they can call, at no cost. By meeting the needs of your global community, you show your commitment to them and make it easier for your participants to support you. Some capacity limitations apply.


Enable your audience to access your call via the Internet - no calling card, mobile or landline phone needed. Your ability to expand your global community is easier than ever. You’ll get access to our beta version of webphone as soon as it’s available.

Social Webinar

Bring the power of the social web to your live event...let your participants see the names and photos of others in their breakout group, view straw poll results, and much more. You'll get access to the beta version of these features as soon as available.


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