For a limited time, MaestroConference customers can take up to 83% off your next large call event of more than 500 people (up to 5,000+) with our Prepaid Participants Promotion *.

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Affordable Pricing Options for Large Calls

The MaestroConference platform is uniquely designed and engineered to help our customers engage large numbers of people- e.g. fans, advocates, supporters, voters, customers, etc. For those brands and organizations with a large network of supporters, we offer many large call pricing options including:

Prepaid Promotion Details

With our Prepaid Participants Promotion, you don't need to have dates and times set for your large call events, you essentially just have “large call event credit” that you can apply whenever you schedule an event (note: credits are applied based on number of reserved lines).

We offer pre-purchased large events in increments of $5,000, which would give your organization 10,000 callers in large call event credit to use as needed *.

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What makes this promotion even better for our customers?

Your savings are technically even greater than 50% off for last minute large calls because according to our Large Call Policy, a large call typically costs $3/caller. With the Prepaid Participants Promotion, you can simply just apply some of your 10,000 callers credit, which means for last minute large calls, you're getting an 83% discount (i.e. what usually costs $3/caller is just 50 cents/caller)!

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Our Prepaid Participants Promotion locks in the price and controls cost of large calls hosted on MaestroConference, and effectively enables our clients to avoid potentially being subject to last-minute pricing of $3/line above the number of lines you reserve as outlined here.

Note that the 10,000 caller credits included in this promotion are applied to "reserved lines” and not based on number of participants that register and/or attend (i.e. credits applied based on reserved lines and not actual usage). Client must request the number of lines they’d like to reserve before the event, and this number of reserved lines will be deducted from the caller credit balance. Client can apply the additional credit on future calls, the unused callers do not expire. For example, if a client reserves 4,000 lines for an event, the client will have 6,000 caller credits remaining for future calls (10,000 caller credit minus the 4,000 callers reserved).

Prepayment in full required before the caller credits can be applied to an upcoming event. Promotional credit cannot be applied to previous events or calls. Additional exclusions may apply. Offer subject to change at any time.

Not valid with other offers. This offer is nonrefundable. Non-transferable- credits can only be applied to events hosted on the account that purchased the offer. Any callers in excess of the reserved lines may not be able to join the call. Additional call lines cannot be added or reserved after the call has started.

Limited availability.


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