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MaestroConference™ is a voice-based online collaboration platform that integrates the web and your telephone to support extremely large-scale real-time remote conference events. MaestroConference enables a whole new way to engage people and create relationships with incredibly compelling remote events.

Current customers include the DNC, Bennet for Senate, The Sierra Club, Energy Action Coalition,, and nearly 1,000 other customers who leverage MaestroConference for their important remote events.


We’re delighted about the tremendous contribution that our platform is making to progressive political organizations.

MaestroConference can help campaigns accomplish three important objectives:

In the Field

MaestroConference and Volunteer Activation

MaestroConference is a revolutionary tool for better preparing, motivating, and recruiting volunteers and field staff. Benefits include:

Preparing Field Staff and Volunteers
1-1 role-plays, peer-to-peer conversation and group discussion help equip an effective field operation team. MaestroConference arms new volunteers and field staff with the direction and preparation they need to do their jobs effectively.

In the age of busy schedules and unlimited distractions, MaestroConference creates positive engagement by leveraging the patent-pending options for small-groups.

Volunteer Attraction
MaestroConference events empower individuals to participate and connect peer-to-peer. Callers can organize groups of friends, colleagues, and neighbors in coordination with a campaign. That creates social media buzz drawing new volunteers. And, campaigns can ask for and track commitments to volunteer immediately during events.

The best way to understand these features is to experience them live, and we look forward to a demonstration with you. In the meantime, we provide several concrete scenarios to consider.

Training Your Volunteers

Jenny is a new volunteer, and nervous about talking to undecided voters. On a MaestroConference training call, she speaks in a 1:1 breakout group with another volunteer Mark to practice the dialogue. When she has questions she can “raise her hand” so that a staff member can drop into the breakout. By practicing in a comfortable format, Jenny moves past her fears.

Jennie is now comfortable, prepared, and highly motivated.

Educating Your Volunteers

Staff and volunteers call in Sunday night to debrief the weekend and are quickly placed into groups of four to connect about what worked well and where they faced challenges. The field director ends by calling on several people to share what they learned, taking Q&A, and taking specific opt-ins for roles the next weekend.

Enthusiastic, better-informed volunteers.

Attracting More Volunteers

The campaign hosts a lively volunteer event. Facilitators ask callers to “Press 1 to volunteer to canvas this weekend. Press 2 to make phone calls. Press 3 …” This data is captured in VAN and reminder messages are sent automatically.

More volunteers!


MaestroConference and Fundraising

With MaestroConference, field staff and volunteers can directly engage potential donors in a convenient and personal new channel. The benefits:

Stronger Relationships
People on large MaestroConference calls consistently report that they feel as if they are engaging in personal dialogue with the speaker. Breakout groups, straw polls, and direct Q&A give an experience of intimacy with the speaker and each other, even in a very large group. In short: relationships are formed.

Opens New, Live channel for Donations
MaestroConference opens a convenient channel for generating donations in several ways. For example, donors can ask friends and colleagues to contribute in small groups. Or, when a donor is ready, the staff or a call center agent can take credit card information 1-1 in real-time on the call, and then return the donor into the event.

Better Data
MaestroConference allows you to easily track and record donor interests, preferences, and concerns. This data can be downloaded, captured with an API, and fed back into the VAN database.

Again, the Scenarios describe specific options to accomplish these goals.

Increase Your Donations

A finance director coordinates a special event for previous small-dollar democratic donors in the district. Each donor receives a unique invitation URL (link), and is encouraged to invite their friends. Privately, the past donors are given a “pep talk” about the importance of being candid about their reasons for donating. Candidate and Surrogate(s) speak, and at the right moment, donors are put into small group breakouts with their friends. (Note that our technology pinpoints each group based on the unique URLs used when registering.) Donors tell their friends why they donated.

A surrogate says “Now is the time to support these principles, and you can simply Press 1 to make a donation immediately”. A call center (or campaign staff) can take those donations 1-1.

Finally, at the end of the event, new donors are placed in a special room with the candidate to ask questions, where the candidate thanks them.

A significant increase in donations!

Capture Fundraising Data

Callers are divided into five groups, based on the topic that most interests them. Campaign staff members share details on that issue, and callers participate in breakout groups which creates tremendous energy or action. The appeal made for donations is issue-specific.

A notable increase in donations. Plus, survey data is captured on everyone whether they donated or not, to inform future campaigning.

To Get Out The Vote / Voter Persuasion

MaestroConference and Voter Contact

MaestroConference can make voter contact efforts far more effective:

Laser Targeting
MaestroConference allows you to contact voters to events based on their specific interests, in ways that are far more individually appealing.

Impact of peer-to-peer connection
The persuasive power of individual or small-group conversations for commitments to vote and for delivering key messages far exceeds broadcast media.

Engaging Message
With MaestroConference, candidates can engage voters in a way that feels far more intimate and personal.

Connect with Voters

Candidate invites supporters & swing voters to a “green jobs forum” on how to create green jobs in this district. Breakout groups are used to source ideas, and straw polls are used to show mass engagement.

A positive, collaborative discourse. Most importantly, by providing an actual experience in this theme, the candidate is now positioned as "green jobs" to the undecided voters far more than would be possible with broadcast media. Attendees talk about the event to their friends, colleagues, and generate messages on social media sites such Facebook and Twitter.

Engage a Surrogate

A democratic supporter produces an event where a single surrogate, Matt Damon, has agreed to support a long list of Democratic Congressional candidates nationwide. For each local candidate who opts to participate, the system calls local voters who first hear Mr. Damon in a recorded message and then hear live Q&A with the movie star about a topic such as health care. Matt then passes the baton so that each local candidate “shares the stage” in front of their local voters with this national star. Each local campaign has complete control of their event, deciding for example when to hear a local speaker and when to switch back to the national surrogate.

Voters who otherwise would not have listened now associate the candidate both with improving health care and with Matt Damon. This is also known as creating a “halo” from the nationally known surrogate to the candidate.

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The cost for all of these features? The same as regular conference calls: 6c/minute for inbound events. For events where we call voters ("outbound") based on your list, the charge is 10c/min, in 30 second increments.

Only $25 gets you started.


We’d like to hear your goals for engaging voters, volunteers and donors so that we can share a plan tailored to your needs, or arrange for a complimentary trial. Please contact us at or call our office at 888-639-0838.

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