MaestroConference Technical Glossary

MaestroConference Glossary

MaestroConference is a teleconferencing service providing high-quality audio interaction between individuals and groups. Callers (up to 500) dial in from regular phone lines, utilizing our unique features to keep conferences engaging and dynamic. A visual component is available for those who would like additional interaction.

  • Advanced Settings: Contains a link for the Conductor’s view of conference interface. This can be sent out to co-presenters and assistants who will also be conducting your call. This functionality includes everything you can do on the MaestroConference interface, including creating breakout groups, changing microphone states, and ending the call.
  • Archive: Contains a list of all concluded conferences that have either been completed or canceled.
  • Audio Cues: Short, pre-automated alert messages that announce the time, duration, and frequency of commonly used conference signals.
  • Breakout groups: ranging from 1-20 participants, these are used to divide participants into smaller clusters for the purpose of creating more dynamic calls.
    • Private Breakout: Breakout sessions which cannot be overheard in the main room - used to ensure privacy with topics concerning sensitive information, such as private coaching, processing a sale, or 1-on-1 side meetings.
  • Call History: Contains information related to the call session such as recordings, and call reports.
  • Call Report: Available after a conference is concluded, this contains details about call duration, details about the callers, PINs used, and caller notes.
  • Conference call: A meeting of two or more persons via telephone for the purpose of discussion.
  • Conference manager: Adjust your conference settings and features. Add or delete PINs and access all of your conference information.
  • Conductor: typically the host of the call or an assistant who has access and control over the features that are used during a conference.
  • Conduct Now: This will launch the conductor interface when your call is ready to be active. It is located at the top of the “View/Edit” page for the specified conference.
  • Conductor Interface: Screen used to conduct the conference call that monitors and controls the call.
  • Customer Success Clinics: Our live, interactive group conference call for customers. This is a support feature designed to take you through the process of hosting your own conference, from setting up a call to working the interface.
  • Detail Panel: Located on the upper-right of the conductor interface, this box shows the specific information on callers. You control the arrangement of information on callers. Also referred to as the Local Panel.
  • Entry Settings: This is the blue box which appears on top of the conductor screen. It pops up automatically when the “Conduct Now” button or conductor link is launched. It contains default settings for microphones.
  • Entryway: An optional breakout room where new participants can automatically enter. It allows you to keep an eye on who is coming into the call so you (or an assistant) can quickly orient them. It is useful for tracking latecomers, especially during breakout groups. This feature can be found on the entry settings.
  • Green Room: A private breakout session for Presenters and Assistants. If enabled, Presenters and Assistants will automatically join this special breakout group when they dial in, providing a “private” meeting space before and during a call.
  • Interaction: Using our breakthrough technology to combines the ease and reach of passive mass media with the engagement and excitement of live events.
  • Internet Call (VoIP): Technology that allows you to stream audio over your computer via your Internet connection
  • Keypad Controls: Phone keypad combinations which allow you to conduct a call without an interface. This feature only works for those who have called in with a Presenter or Assistant PIN. (See bottom of this page for more details.)
  • Local Mic: Caller can be heard only by people in the same breakout group. Designated by a light grey color.
  • MaestroMonth: Promotional teleseminars sponsored by MaestroConference which featured world-renowned speakers during the months of July and October, 2009.
  • MaestroPath: MaestroPath is a membership-based community and is the ongoing continuation of MaestroMonth, giving you access to our treasure trove of exclusive luminary recordings and more.
  • Microphones: There are three settings for microphones - muted, local, or open mic. Callers can mute and unmute their microphones during a call by pressing “6” on their telephone keypad.
  • Music (On/Off): Feature which plays music when callers dial in to a call. Located in the upper left corner of the Conductor Interface. Music cannot be turned on or off if there is only one caller on the line.
  • Muted Mic: Caller is completely silenced. Designated by a red “negative” circle over the microphone symbol.
  • MyAccount: Contains information related to your MaestroConference account such as password and default conference call settings.
  • Participant: A caller attending a conference.
  • PINs: The 6 digits used to join a conference call. These are unique to each participant, in each specific conference.
  • Open Mic: Caller "has the mic,” and can be heard by the entire room (except for people in private breakouts). The open mic is designated by a dark gray color.
  • Raise hands: Callers can “raise” hands by pressing the 1-5 keys on their telephone keypad. Results are displayed next to individual callers on the right side of the interface, and collectively in the upper-left section.
  • Recordings: A digital audio file of your conference in MP3 file format. Available for download or playback in the Call History section.
  • Recurring Calls: Scheduled conferences can be set to take place on additional time and dates. Callers use the same PINs for each call generated in the specific conference.
  • Registration Settings: Contains the caller registration link, customized registration/reminder announcements, and private conference notes from participants.
  • Reminder e-mails: An e-mail that is sent out 8 hours before a conference. It includes the dial-in number, PIN, and any note the conference host has prepared.
  • Reservationless: These calls are available for use at any time, valid for up to 25 callers. Dial-in numbers and PINs are generated immediately. These conferences do not terminate unless canceled.
  • Settings (Call Settings): The “Settings” button is located at the upper left region on the Conductor interface. You will be presented with a dialogue box containing the Call info and Entry Settings.
  • Scheduled: Create a conference with a specified time, date, and duration. Scheduled calls can be set to be recurring, as opposed to Reservationless calls.
  • Straw Poll: A specific poll which involves posing a question and asking callers to give a rating being 1-5 (e.g. rate our service between 1 and 5). The results will be shown in the Summary Panel.
  • Summary Panel: Located on the upper-left of the conductor interface, this box contains information on conference-level actions and summary information.
  • Timer: Under the audio cues is a simple countdown timer, which can be used to facilitate timed breakouts. When the timer reaches zero, it turns red. You can start, stop, or reset the timer at any time during the call.
  • Walking the Room: Staff can walk around the room to listen and participate with different groups during breakout sessions, just as you could in a live seminar.
  • Welcome Music: Please refer to Music(On/Off).
  • Keypad Controls

    • Press 6 for individuals to mute and un-mute themselves
    • Press *7 for Presenters and Assistants to open all mics in the conference
    • Press *9 for Presenters and Assistants to toggle the music on or off


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