Get Out The Vote with two powerful technologies focused on helping progressive organizations increase voter turnout:

A platform for virtual events, conference calls & webinars.

Our newly-launched conversational technology.

“We came to Maestro several years ago because we needed and wanted greater functionalities than the conference system our non-profit had contracted with at the time. It’s been a great platform for a monthly call of our community organizer cohort and we’ve been very satisfied with our experience. “Maestro has a been a fantastic system and allowed us to host far more dynamic and effective group conversations than we could before.”

Anika Gregg
Engagement and Organizing Manager
for Stand for Children

Our company wants to show our commitment to getting progressive voters to the polls this November. From now through November 6, we’re offering the following specials for progressive advocacy organizations, nonprofits and political campaigns:

Plan Discounts

Special Discounts on Any MaestroConference Plan - save 20% off any plan listed on our website if you just want to go month-to-month or 40% off if you purchase an annual plan.

Large Calls

Take up to 83% off your next large call event of more than 500 people (up to 5,000+) with our Prepaid Participants Promotion.

Voter Mobilization

Free Use of VoiceVoice Voter Mobilization Tool - for select progressive organizations that apply and meet specific criteria, we’re offering free use of our powerful new conversational technology.

VoiceVoice, focused exclusively on helping progressive organizations increase voter mobilization. These conversations are:

  • Effective at turning supporters into mobilization volunteers, with built-in mobilization training and actions
  • Designed for organic/exponential growth via sharing on social media and email
  • Turnkey - very easy for your org to deploy (just send a link to your community)
  • Free to use for those orgs who qualify (or you can customize it)

To take advantage of these special offers, or for more information about our “Mobilizing for November” efforts, please contact us at:

About This Effort

This effort is based on everything we learned supporting the Obama organization for more than 8 years, as well as MoveOn, Women’s March, ACLU and many others. And we’re proud of the many positive changemakers that we support with this technology.

We are super excited to do our part in contributing to and participating in the blue wave!