Caller Registration Options


MaestroConference provides several ways to register callers:

Simple Self-Registration
Self-Registration with custom data
Manual Registration
Automatic Registration with Infusionsoft
Automatic Registration with Aweber
Automatic Registration with some other CRM systems
Creating a custom HTML registration page
Using the API to register people from within another computer system

Simple Self-Registration

The self-registration link appears on your webpage when you create the conference. You can simply e-mail this link to everyone. This will save you the effort of manually filling out names and email addresses, and registrants will receive an automatic email from us with their call-in info.

Self-Registration with custom data

If you have different types of registrants (for e.g. beginning vs. advanced or male vs. female), you can send a different link to each type of registrant; and our system will automatically track them. As an example, consider that you have some “advanced” students. Send them the self-registration link and add ?custom1=advanced to the end of it; during the call, people who registered with that URL will be marked as advanced. You can then group the advanced together, or “spread them out” so that each breakout group has 1 advanced student, for example.

Manual Registration

If the self registration option seems too easy for you, you can always opt for the Herculean effort of manually generating and entering PINs. This allows you to guarantee that all of your participants will at least be registered. You can then export the list of callers (as a tab-delineated list) and send a batch email to them with their PINs. Also, you will soon be able to simply import a spreadsheet of names and email addresses, which will get PINs automatically.

When people register for events, you want their name & email both in your CRM system and in MaestroConference so that they have a PIN. Below, we show how to easily accomplish this for Infusionsoft. You may be able to use this same method with other CRM systems too.

Automatic Registration with Infusionsoft

In Infusionsoft, create a Web Form or Order Form with fields of your choice (name and email address are mandatory for registration). While setting up your Thank-You Page, select “Send to a web page” and put the self-registration URL of your conference call in the Web page URL textbox. Now, tick the “Pass Person's info to "Thank You" page url (This is for techies)” checkbox.

Then, when someone submits that web form, the next page shows them the PIN - they don't have to enter their information twice.

Automatic Registration with Aweber

The instructions below assume that you have already created a web form in Aweber. If not, they will still be helpful when you do create it, as they show you where the setting you are looking for is located. Read them carefully.

Step 1: Make sure you are logged in to your Aweber account
Step 2: Make sure the correct list is selected in the upper left of your Aweber dashboard
Step 3: Click on the Tab labeled Web Forms
Step 4: Click on the name of the web form you want to integrate with your MaestroConference event
Step 5: Click on #2, "Settings"
Step 6: Scroll down a bit and click on "Show Advanced Settings"
Step 7: Check the box that says "Forward subscriber information to your thank you page"
Step 8: Click "Save Web Form"

Automatic Registration with some other CRM systems

If you’re using another CRM system (besides Infusionsoft), see if the “Thank You page” for a web form can send the name & email in the URL. If so, use the MaestroConference self-registration page as the “thank you page” and try it out.

Creating a custom HTML page

If you have the ability to put HTML onto a web page somewhere, then you have a LOT of flexibility for registering people for a MaestroConference event.  All you do is take the <form> object from our web page, copy into yours, and then modify it as desired.

Customizations you can do include:

To do this, just: 

The form looks like this:

<form action="" method="get">
<p><label for="Name">Name</label><input id="Name" name="Name" type="text" /></p>
<p><label for="Email">Email</label><input id="Email" name="Email" type="text" /></p>
<p><label for="Custom1">State</label>
<select id="custom1" name="custom1">
<option value="CA">CA</option>
<option value="NY">NY</option>
<option value="FL">FL</option>
<option value="MO">MO</option>
<option value="HI">HI</option>
<option value="WA">WA</option>
<p><label for="Custom2">Favorite Animal</label>
<select id="custom2" name="custom2">
<option value=" Elephant">Elephant</option>
<option value="Giraffe">Giraffe</option>
<option value="Lion">Lion</option>
<option value="Monkey">Monkey</option>
<button type="submit">Register</button>


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